If cracked, chipped, or missing teeth are keeping you from smiling wide and inhibiting your function to eat and chew, we are here for you! Crowns and bridges offer long-term, natural-looking restoration of function and will have you feeling confident to smile.

What is a Crown/Cap?

Without a root canal, infection persists and can even lead to health concerns that affect your overall well-being.

Benefits of a Crown

You could need a crown for a variety of reasons! Those include restoring a damaged tooth, completing a dental implant, or protecting a tooth that has had a root canal. The benefits of opting for a custom crown include:

  • Restored strength and stability
  • Natural looking color and shape
  • Lasting results with mouth healthy materials
  • Ability to brush and floss comfortability

What is a Bridge?

A bridge is a small oral appliance used to cover spaces of one or more missing teeth. Using the surrounding teeth as anchors, a bridge is made up of abutment crowns to rest atop the anchor teeth, as well as pontic teeth to restore missing space.

Benefits of a Dental Bridge

Our dentists look to provide the restoration option that best suits you. For many, a bridge is the best way to go because they:

  • Restore bite function
  • Eliminate risk of other teeth shifting
  • Help patients regain confidence in their smiles
  • Fixed restoration

Are You Needing Dental Crowns and Bridges in Pennsylvania?

You deserve the highest quality dental care! Our Family Dentistry Group team is here to provide treatment using the latest advancements in the industry. If you have any questions about crowns and bridges in Pennsylvania, please contact any of our three locations to make an appointment!